Calculate noise properties of SCUBA-2 data


This recipe is designed to provide observers with a simple assessment of the noise properties of their data. It does this by calculating the noise for either the first on-sky data file (default) or for the entire time stream. The results are passed through the same quality assurance (QA) checks as performed by the quick-look (QL) pipeline running at the telescope.

The processing is controlled by the recipe parameters described below.



Available Parameters :

The following recipe parameters can be set via the -recpars
Type of noise calculation to perform. May be full, which calculates the noise properties of the entire time stream or quick to use only the first on-sky subscan (30 seconds).
The name of a config file to use when calculating the noise properties. The default is to use the standard noise config but the user is advised to supply the same config used in the map-making process.
The frequency at which to calculate the low-frequency noise. Default is 0.5 Hz.
A pair of numbers indicating the frequency range (in Hz) over which the noise is to be calculated. Default is 2,10.


The focal-plane mosaic for the noise and NEP are displayed, scaled between 0 and the relevant spec defined by the quality assurance parameters. A histogram of noise values is also plotted, with the same upper bound.