8 Linking

To include either of the AGI include files, create links in the directory containing the program source code with the command:


and use and include statement such as:


For programs in the ADAM environment one of the the shell scripts agi_link_adam or agp_link_adam should be used. For example to compile and link an ADAM task called ‘task.f’ which is designed to use PGPLOT only the following is used:

            % alink task.f ‘agp_link_adam‘

(note the use of the backward quotes).

A standalone program is linked by specifying one of ‘agi_link‘ or ‘agp_link‘ on the compiler command line. Thus to compile and link a standalone application called ‘prog.f’ which, this time, uses GKS based graphics the following is used:

            % f77 prog.f -o prog ‘agi_link‘