22 Acknowledgments

Several people have contributed complete Kappaprogrammes, or have upgraded earlier versions, or have written original code (which eventually became included in Kappa after reworking). Mark Taylor and Rodney Warren-Smith both re-wrote some of the old IMAGE applications to use the NDF_ library. Rodney also supplied several other programmes, especially ones that now form the basis of NDFPACK. Other contributions have come from Alasdair Allan, Steven Beard, Wei Gong, Rhys Morris, Jo Murray, Grant Privett, and Richard Saxton. The original Kappa was derived from Mark McCaughrean’s RAPI2D and Ken Hartley’s ASPIC Kernel, though little remains. Thanks also to Rodney Warren-Smith for permitting this document to include a few modified pages of his SUN/33 on NDF sections and co-ordinate systems; and to many useful suggestions from users and programmers over the years including Chris Clayton, Peter Draper, Jim Emerson, Horst Meyerdierks, Andy Scott, and Martin Shaw. Mike Lawden helped produce the quick-reference card.