5 Verbosity of Messages

Informational messages (as opposed to error messages) are tagged with a reporting level that permits some control in the detail and quantity of messages you see. Three levels are supported in Kappa.

the normal reporting level, that aims to give a balanced, ‘Goldilocks’ level of reporting. However, for historical reasons most messages are set to this level, although that is gradually changing. It excludes messages tagged as verbose.
reports additional information, such as instructions or warnings for new users to a task, progress reports in a long-running command, and detailed analysis.
reports only the most important messages that you would not want to miss, but eliminates the messages at normal and verbose levels.

The chosen level is set through environment variable MSG_FILTER. Abbreviations may be used such as "N", "v", "Qu" for normal, verbose, or quit reporting respectively. The normal mode is the default if you do not define MSG_FILTER.