Draws an outline of a two-dimensional NDF


This application draws an outline of a two-dimensional NDF  on the current graphics device, aligning it with any existing plot.

Annotated axes can be produced (see Parameter AXES), and the appearance of the axes and curve can be controlled in detail (see Parameter STYLE). The axes show co-ordinates in the current co-ordinate Frame  of the supplied NDF.

This command is a synonym for contour mode=bounds penrot=yes clear=no.


outline ndf


TRUE if labelled and annotated axes are to be drawn around the plot, showing the current co-ordinate Frame of the supplied NDF. The appearance of the axes can be controlled using the STYLE parameter. [TRUE]
The plotting device. [current graphics device]
Specifies the position at which to place a label identifying the input NDF within the plot. The label is drawn parallel to the first pixel axis. Two values should be supplied for LABPOS. The first value specifies the distance in millimetres along the first pixel axis from the centre of the bottom-left pixel to the left edge of the label. The second value specifies the distance in millimetres along the second pixel axis from the centre of the bottom-left pixel to the baseline of the label. If a null (!) value is given, no label is produced. The appearance of the label can be set by using the STYLE parameter (for instance "Size(strings)=2"). [current value]
MARGIN( 4 ) = _REAL (Read)
The widths of the margins to leave around the outline for axis annotation. The widths should be given as fractions of the corresponding dimension of the current picture. The actual margins used may be increased to preserve the aspect ratio of the DATA picture. Four values may be given, in the order bottom, right, top, left. If fewer than four values are given, extra values are used equal to the first supplied value. If these margins are too narrow any axis annotation may be clipped. If a null (!) value is supplied, the value used is 0.15 (for all edges) if annotated axes are being produced, and zero otherwise. [current value]
NDF = NDF (Read)
NDF structure containing the two-dimensional image to be outlined.
A group of attribute settings describing the plotting style to use for the outline and annotated axes.

A comma-separated list of strings should be given in which each string is either an attribute setting, or the name of a text file preceded by an up-arrow character "^". Such text files should contain further comma-separated lists which will be read and interpreted in the same manner. Attribute settings are applied in the order in which they occur within the list, with later settings overriding any earlier settings given for the same attribute.

Each individual attribute setting should be of the form:

<name >= <value >

where <name > is the name of a plotting attribute, and <value > is the value to assign to the attribute. Default values will be used for any unspecified attributes. All attributes will be defaulted if a null value (!)–-the initial default–-is supplied. To apply changes of style to only the current invocation, begin these attributes with a plus sign. A mixture of persistent and temporary style changes is achieved by listing all the persistent attributes followed by a plus sign then the list of temporary attributes.

See Section E for a description of the available attributes. Any unrecognised attributes are ignored (no error is reported).

The appearance of the outline is controlled by the attributes Colour(Curves),

Width(Curves), etc. [current value]

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