Creates an array of FRAME pictures


This command creates a two-dimensional grid of equally sized new FRAME pictures in the graphics database. The array of pictures do not have to abut, but abutting is the default. The new pictures are formed within either the current or BASE picture, and they adopt the world co-ordinate system of that enclosing picture. On completion, the bottom-left picture in the array becomes the current picture.

For easy reference in later processing the pictures have integer labels. The numbering starts at a defined value, usually one, and increments by one for each new picture starting from the bottom-left corner and moving from left to right to the end of the line. This is repeated in each line until the top-right picture.

This command is a synonym for picdef array 1.0 prefix="".


picgrid xpic ypic


TRUE if the new pictures are to lie within the current picture, otherwise the new pictures can lie anywhere within the BASE picture. In other words, when CURRENT is TRUE the current picture is the reference picture, and when it is FALSE the BASE is the reference picture. [FALSE]
The graphics device. [Current graphics device]
FILL = _REAL (Read)
The linear filling factor for the array. In other words the fractional size (applied to both co-ordinates) of the new picture within each of the XPIC YPIC abutted sections of the picture being sub-divided. Each new picture is located centrally within the section. A filling factor of 1.0 means that the pictures in the array abut. Smaller factors permit a gap between the pictures. For example, FILL=0.9 would give a gap between the created pictures of 10 per cent of the height and width of each picture, with exterior borders of 5 per cent. FILL must lie between 0.1 and 1.0. [1.0]
The number used to form the label for the first (bottom-left) picture. It cannot be negative. [1]
If TRUE, a box that delimits the new picture is drawn. [TRUE]
The number of new pictures to be formed horizontally in the BASE picture. The total number of new pictures is XPIC YPIC. The value must lie in the range 1–20. The suggested default is 2.
The number of new pictures to be formed vertically in the BASE picture. The total number of new pictures is XPIC YPIC. The value must lie in the range 1–20. The suggested default is the value of Parameter XPIC.


picgrid 3 2
Creates six new equally sized and abutting FRAME pictures within the full display area of the current graphics device. All the pictures are outlined. They have labels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The bottom-left picture (1) becomes the current picture.
picgrid xpic=3 ypic=2 fill=0.8 labelno=11 nooutline
As above except that the pictures do not abut since each is 0.8 times smaller in both dimensions, the labels are 11 to 16, and there are no picture outlines drawn.
picgrid device=xw current  
This creates a 2-by-2 grid of new FRAME pictures within the current picture on device xw.

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