Sets a new title for an NDF data structure


This routine sets a new value for the TITLE component  of an existing NDF  data structure. The NDF is accessed in update mode and any pre-existing title is over-written with a new value. Alternatively, if a ‘null’ value (!) is given for the TITLE parameter, then the NDF’s title will be erased.


settitle ndf title


NDF = NDF (Read and Write)
The NDF data structure whose title is to be modified.
The value to be assigned to the NDF’s TITLE component (e.g. "NGC1068 with a B filter" or "Ice band in HD123456"). This value may later be used by other applications as a heading for graphs and other forms of display where the NDF’s data values are plotted. The suggested default is the current value.


settitle ngc1068 "NGC1068 with a B filter"
Sets the TITLE component of the NDF structure ngc1068 to be "NGC1068 with a B filter".
settitle ndf=myspec title="Ice band, short integration"
Sets the TITLE component of the NDF structure myspec to be "Ice band, short integration".
settitle dat123 title=!
By specifying a null value (!), this example erases any previous value of the TITLE component in the NDF structure dat123.

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