Gives help about Kappa


Displays help about Kappa. The help information has classified and alphabetical lists of commands, general information about Kappa and related material; it describes individual commands in detail.

Here are some of the main options.

No parameter is given so the introduction and the top-level help index is displayed.
kaphelp application/topic
This gives help about the specified application or topic.
kaphelp application/topic subtopic
This lists help about a subtopic of the specified application or topic. The hierarchy of topics has a maximum of four levels.
kaphelp Hints
This gives hints for new and intermediate users.
kaphelp summary
This shows a one-line summary of each application.
kaphelp classified classification
This lists a one-line summary of each application in the given functionality classification.

See the Section "Navigating the Help Library" for details how to move around the help information, and to select the topics you want to view.


kaphelp [topic] [subtopic] [subsubtopic] [subsubsubtopic]


Topic for which help is to be given. [" "]
Subtopic for which help is to be given. [" "]
Subsubtopic for which help is to be given. [" "]
Subsubsubtopic for which help is to be given. [" "]

Navigating the Help Library

The help information is arranged hierarchically. You can move around the help information whenever KAPHELP prompts. This occurs when it has either presented a screen’s worth of text or has completed displaying the previously requested help. The information displayed by KAPHELP on a particular topic includes a description of the topic and a list of subtopics that further describe the topic.

At a prompt you may enter:

You can abbreviate any topic or subtopic using the following rules.

Ambiguous abbreviations result in all matches being displayed.

Implementation Status: