Sets a new label value for an axis within an NDF data structure


This routine sets a new value for a LABEL component of an existing NDF  AXIS  data structure. The NDF is accessed in update mode and any pre-existing LABEL component is over-written with a new value. Alternatively, if a ‘null’ value (!) is given for the LABEL parameter, then the NDF’s axis LABEL component will be erased. If an AXIS structure does not exist, a new one whose centres are pixel co-ordinates is created.


axlabel ndf label dim


The axis dimension for which the label is to be modified. There are separate labels for each NDF dimension. The value must lie between 1 and the number of dimensions of the NDF. This defaults to 1 for a one-dimensional NDF. The suggested default is the current value. []
NDF = NDF (Read and Write)
The NDF data structure in which an axis LABEL component is to be modified.
The value to be assigned to the NDF’s axis LABEL component (e.g. "Wavelength" or "Fibre index"). LABEL describes the quantity measured along the axis. This value may later be used by other applications for labelling graphs or as a heading for columns in tabulated output. The suggested default is the current value.


axlabel ngc253 "Offset from nucleus" 2
Sets the LABEL component of the second axis dimension of the NDF structure ngc253 to have the value "Offset from nucleus".
axlabel ndf=spect label=Wavelength
Sets the axis LABEL component of the one-dimensional NDF structure spect to have the value "Wavelength".
axlabel datafile label=! dim=3
By specifying a null value (!), this example erases any previous value of the LABEL component for the third dimension in the NDF structure datafile.

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