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 * ?  * Perl updated to version 5.26.1.

Starlink Software Collection — 2018A Release Notes


  • Perl updated to version 5.26.1.

Changes to Applications

ATOOLS (ascl:1708.001)

  • ?


  • ?

CUPID (ascl:1311.007)

  • ?

GAIA (ascl:1403.024)

  • When reading a multiple-line ARD region to extract a spectrum, all newlines and spaces are removed so that it can be saved.
  • Key fonts with compound names can now be saved to the configuration of the contour toolbox.
  • HTTP request headers should now use the correct line termination.

KAPPA (ascl:1403.022)

  • A new estimator, "FastMed" has been added to COLLAPSE.

ORAC-DR (ascl:1310.001)

ORAC-DR change log

POLPACK (ascl:1405.014)

  • ?

SMURF (ascl:1310.007)

  • The dome status has been added to scuba2_index / acsis_index.


  • The included JCMT source catalog has been updated.

SPLAT (ascl:1402.007)

  • ?


  • ?

STILTS (ascl:1105.001)

  • Updated to version ???

STILTS version history

TOPCAT (ascl:1101.010)

  • Updated to version ???

TOPCAT version history

Changes to Libraries

AST (ascl:1404.016)

  • ?


  • ?


  • ?


  • Updated to version ???

STIL version history


Miscellaneous Changes

  • The shell "login" and "profile" scripts now add Starlink to the start (rather than the end) of LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
  • The shell "login" and "profile" scripts now define ORAC_PERLBIN.

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