3 Demonstrations and test data

If you want to get a feel for what CCDPACK can do before reading further, you might like to run one or more of the three demonstration scripts:

emphasises the data reduction aspects of CCDPACK (debiassing, dark calibration, flatfielding)
shows more of the advanced image registration capabilities
organises data frames into Sets as if obtained from a mosaic camera and demonstrates CCDPACK’s Set-handling abilities

To run any of these scripts, change to an empty directory, start up CCDPACK:

  % ccdpack

and then type the name of the demonstration script you want to see, either

  % ccdexercise


  % wcsexercise


  % setexercise

You will then be prompted for a graphics device: answer ‘xw’ to see the progress graphically on an Xwindows display, or ‘!’ to run without graphics.

Each of these scripts generates test data files (small fictional starfields) and various intermediate files in the current directory when it runs. These can be deleted when the script has finished. However, you may find them useful as test data if you want to see how the scripts have operated, or to experiment with the CCDPACK commands. You can also use the scripts themselves as examples or templates for reducing your own data.