Starts the automated CCD data reduction GUI


This command starts the CCDPACK reduction GUI.

The GUI is specifically designed to help the inexperienced or occasional reducer of CCD data (although others will also find it of use). These aims are meet by providing an easy to use, X based, graphical interface that features contextual help and that limits options to those of immediate relevance. It concentrates on data organization and the definition of any CCD characteristics rather than on the nature and control of the core CCDPACK reduction programs.

The reduction of the actual data is separate to the GUI and uses the automated scheduling facilities of CCDPACK.




Unknown detectors. If you do develop an import table or restoration (setup) file for a telescope/detector pass these on to the maintainer of this package, together with a description. They will be distributed in future releases for the benefit of others.


The interface can be configured by controlling the values of various CCDxxxxx global variables. These can be set in either a global configuration file called ".ccdpack" which should be placed in the $HOME directory, or by loading as part of a state from a local ".ccdpack" file. The names and functions of the more significant configurations follows.

An example configuration file follows:

file: /.ccdpack

set CCDbrowser netscape
set CCDprefs(priority) widgetDefault
set CCDprefs(scheme_colour) bisque
set CCDprefs(click_for_focus) 0
set CCDdetectorcache /home/user/ccdsetups

This sets the default browser to netscape, allows your .Xdefaults to override any internal preferences, makes the focus follow the mouse and defines a local directory that contains setups and import tables.

See also

Using the CCDPACK data reduction GUI”, REDUCE.