1 Introduction

This is a preliminary version of the PDA library. PDA is intended to replace the NAG library in Starlink application code. A number of people are working on this project, and as their contributions become available the library will slowly approach version 1.0.

The library is not intended as a service to Starlink users or as a full NAG replacement, but some users may find routines in this library useful.

The library is coded in Fortran and has a Fortran 77 binding. Mostly, the interface is for double precision, the Fourier transform part provides for both double and single precision, and the routines from DIERCKX exist only for single precision.

The hints for migration from NAG to this library are incomplete. Application programmers are encouraged to check these hints and to report on their experience in converting applications from NAG to this library.

NAG is a registered trade mark of The Numerical Algorithms Group. In this document the term “NAG library” refers to the NAG Fortran Library and the NAG Graphics Library. Terms like “NAG format”, “NAG array”, “weights used for NAG’’ refer not to any product of The Numerical Algorithms Group, but to the data format that Starlink applications use in order to call the NAG library. Similarly, terms like “NAG code” refer to Starlink application code that calls the NAG library, not to the NAG library itself.