Spacing of numerical labels for a Plot


This attribute controls the appearance of an annotated coordinate grid (drawn with the AST_GRID routine) by determining where numerical axis labels are placed relative to the axes they describe. It takes a separate value for each physical axis of a Plot so that, for instance, the setting " NumLabGap(2)=-0.01" specifies where the numerical label for the second axis should be drawn.

For each axis, the NumLabGap value gives the spacing between the axis line (or edge of the plotting area, if appropriate) and the nearest edge of the corresponding numerical axis labels. Positive values cause the descriptive label to be placed on the opposite side of the line to the default tick marks, while negative values cause it to be placed on the same side.

The NumLabGap value should be given as a fraction of the minimum dimension of the plotting area, the default value being +0.01.

Floating point.


All Plots have this attribute.