4 Running the photom software

 4.1 Getting help

To initialize the PHOTOM package so that you can run its programs from the C-shell you use the command:

  % photomstart

(after setting yourself up to run Starlink software - see ‘Setting up your environment’ in SUN/145).

Similarly to set up PHOTOM to run from within ICL use:

  ICL> photomstart

4.1 Getting help

On-line help is available for all the PHOTOM programs using the command:

  % photomhelp

from the C-shell, or by using the command:

  ICL> help photom

when running ICL. Help can also be found by specifying ? or ?? as the reply to any program prompt.

As an alternative to these approaches this document may also be viewed on-line using a hypertext browser. To do this use the command:

  % showme sun45

If you come across any bugs or problems when using PHOTOM then e-mail a description to: starlink@jiscmail.ac.uk.