Converts an NDF to a PBMPLUS-style PGM-format file.


This application converts an NDF to a PBMPLUS PGM-format file. The programme first finds the brightest and darkest pixel values in the image. It then uses these to determine suitable scaling factors to convert the image into an 8-bit representation. These are then output to a simple greyscale PBMPLUS PGM file.


ndf2pgm in out


IN = NDF (Read)
The name of the input NDF data structure (without the .sdf extension). The suggested default is the current NDF if one exists, otherwise it is the current value.
OUT = _CHAR (Read)
The name of the PGM file be generated. The .pgm name extension is added to any output filename that does not contain it.


ndf2pgm old new
This converts the NDF called old (in file old.sdf) to the PGM file new.pgm.
ndf2pgm in=spectre out=spectre.pgm
This converts the NDF called spectre (in file spectre.sdf) to the PGM file spectre.pgm.


This programme was written for diagnostic purposes and is included just in case someone finds it useful.

Implementation Status:

Bad values in the data array are replaced with zero in the output PGM file.