A Workstation Description File Keywords

CLASS keyword

The workstation class; the following classes are defined: GRAPHICS_OVERLAY

ERASE_TEXT2 character

A character string that can be sent to the terminal to clear the text screen. Control characters are represented by ^. (For devices of class TERMINAL only.)

DEFAULT_NAME3 character

The name used by the workstation handler to open the device when a connection identifier of 0 is used. (Not for devices of class TERMINAL.)

SCALE real

The approximate size in metres of the workstation’s device units. This item is ignored if the GKS ‘device units’ for the workstation are metres.

OUTPUT keyword

Either DIRECT if the workstation handler sends instructions directly to the device or FILE if they are written to a file.

CLEAR keyword

SELECTIVE if areas of the display surface can be erased by writing with colour index zero.

OPEN keyword

NORESET if the device can be opened without resetting the device.

AGITYPE integer

This is used internally to construct the AGI name. It is mandatory for every IDI workstation. It is also required in GKS for those devices where the AGI type does not correspond directly to the GKS type (e.g. for devices which are image overlays).