Removes specified quality definitions from an NDF


This routine removes selected quality name  definitions from an NDF   (see Task SETQUAL) and optionally clears the corresponding bit in the QUALITY array of the supplied NDF. All quality names information may be removed by specifying a quality name of "ANY".

An error will be reported if an attempt is made to remove a quality name that has been flagged as “read-only” (e.g. using the READONLY parameter of the SETQUAL application).


remqual ndf qnames


If TRUE, the bits in the NDF’s QUALITY array that correspond to the removed quality names will be cleared. If FALSE, no change will be made to the QUALITY array. [FALSE]
NDF = NDF (Update)
The NDF to be modified.
A group of up to 10 quality names to be removed from the input NDF. The group may be supplied as a comma-separated list, or within a text file (in which case the name of the text file should be given, preceded by a "^" character.) If more than 10 names are supplied, only the first 10 are used. If any of the supplied quality names are not defined in the NDF, then warning messages are given but the application continues to remove any other specified quality names. If the string ANY is specified, then all defined quality names are removed. If no defined quality names remain, the structure used to store quality name information is deleted. This feature can be used to get rid of corrupted quality name information.

Related Applications



remqual "m51" any
This example will remove all defined quality names from all NDFs with names starting with the string "m51".