Plot regions described in an ARD file


This application draws the outlines of regions described in a supplied two-dimensional ARD file (an ‘ARD Description’ (see SUN/183). If there is an existing picture on the graphics device, the outlines are drawn over the top of the previously displayed picture, aligned (if possible) in the current co-ordinate Frame of the previously drawn picture. If the graphics device is empty (or if the CLEAR parameter is set TRUE) the outlines are drawn using a default projection—the size of the area plotted can be controlled by the SIZE parameter. Note, the facility to plot on an empty device is currently only available for two-dimensional regions specified using Parameter REGION.


ardplot ardfile [device] [regval]


The name of a file containing an ‘ARD Description’ of the regions to be outlined. The co-ordinate system in which positions within this file are given should be indicated by including suitable COFRAME or WCS statements within the file (see SUN/183), but will default to pixel co-ordinates in the absence of any such statements. For instance, starting the file with a line containing the text "COFRAME(SKY,System=FK5)" would indicate that positions are specified in RA/DEC (FK5,J2000). The statement "COFRAME(PIXEL)" indicates explicitly that positions are specified in pixel co-ordinates. The ARDFILE parameter is only accessed if Parameter REGION is given a null (!) value.
TRUE if the current picture is to be cleared before the Region is display. [FALSE]
The plotting device. [Current graphics device]
The name of a file containing an AST Region to be outlined, or null (!) if the ARD region defined by Parameter ARDFILE is to be outlined. Suitable files can be created using the ATOOLS package. [!]
Indicates which regions within the ARD description are to be outlined. If zero (the default) is supplied, then the plotted boundary encloses all the regions within the ARD file. If a positive value is supplied, then only the region with the specified index is outlined (the first region in the ARD file has index 2, for historical reasons). If a negative value is supplied, then all regions with indices greater than or equal to the absolute value of the supplied index are outlined. See SUN/183 for further information on the numbering of regions within an ARD description. The REGVAL parameter is only accessed if Parameter REGION is given a null (!) value. [0]
SIZE = _REAL (Read)
The size of the plot to create, given as a multiple of the size of the Region being plotted. This parameter is only accessed if no DATA picture can be found on the graphics device, or CLEAR is TRUE. A SIZE value of 1.0 causes the plot to be the same size as the Region being plotted. A value of 2.0 causes the plot to be twice the size of the Region, etc. [2.0]
A group of attribute settings describing the plotting style to use for the curves.

A comma-separated list of strings should be given in which each string is either an attribute setting, or the name of a text file preceded by an up-arrow character "^". Such text files should contain further comma-separated lists which will be read and interpreted in the same manner. Attribute settings are applied in the order in which they occur within the list, with later settings overriding any earlier settings given for the same attribute.

Each individual attribute setting should be of the form:

<name >= <value >

where <name > is the name of a plotting attribute, and <value > is the value to assign to the attribute. Default values will be used for any unspecified attributes. All attributes will be defaulted if a null value (!)—the initial default—is supplied. To apply changes of style to only the current invocation, begin these attributes with a plus sign. A mixture of persistent and temporary style changes is achieved by listing all the persistent attributes followed by a plus sign then the list of temporary attributes.

See Section E for a description of the available attributes. Any unrecognised attributes are ignored (no error is reported).

The appearance of the plotted curves is controlled by the attributes Colour(Curves), Width(Curves), etc. [current value]


ardplot bulge
Draws an outline around all the regions included in the ardfile named bulge. The outline is drawn on the current graphics device and is drawn in alignment with the previous picture.


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