Starlink Project
Starlink System Note 64.5

A J Chipperfield

3 September 2002

Copyright © 2002 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

ADAM — Organization of Application Packages


This document explains the standard way in which ADAM applications packages are set up to run on Starlink machines. It covers the systems permitting use of the applications direct from the shell and from the Interactive Command Language (ICL) on Unix.

This document is relevant to applications programmers, the Starlink Software Librarian and Site Managers.


1 Introduction
2 Packages
 2.1 General
 2.2 Package Help Libraries
 2.3 Shell Package Startup Scripts
 2.4 ICL Package Definition Files
3 The Overall System
 3.1 The ADAM_PACKAGES Help Library
 3.2 ICL Startup Command Files
 3.4 Starlink Login Actions
  3.4.1 /star/etc/login
  3.4.2 /star/etc/cshrc
4 The Effect
5 Summary
6 Document Changes


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