Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 115.3

A J Chipperfield, B D Kelly, S L Wright

3 September 2002

Copyright © 2002 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

Interface Module Reference Manual

Programmer’s Manual


ADAM Interface Modules provide an interface between ADAM application programs and the rest of the system.
This document describes in detail the facilities available with ADAM Interface Modules and the rules for using them. It is intended as a reference manual and should shed light on some of the finer points of the ADAM parameter system. Readers requiring an introduction to Interface Modules should read SG/4.


1 Introduction
2 The Interface Module
 2.1 Description
 2.2 Different Forms of an Interface Module – Compilation
 2.3 Interface Module Search Path
 2.4 Basic Structure of the Interface File
  2.4.1 Single Program
  2.4.2 Monoliths
  2.4.3 Syntax
3 Parameter Storage and the CURRENT Value
4 The Parameter Specification
 4.1 Introduction
 4.2 Summary of Parameter Specification Subfields
 4.3 The TYPE Field
 4.4 The PTYPE Field
 4.5 The ACCESS Field
 4.6 The POSITION Field
 4.7 The KEYWORD Field
 4.8 The DEFAULT Field
 4.9 The ASSOCIATION Field
 4.10 The VPATH Field
 4.11 The RANGE Field
 4.12 The IN Field
 4.13 The PROMPT Field
 4.14 The PPATH Field
 4.15 The HELPKEY Field
 4.16 The HELP Field
5 The HELPLIB Specification
6 The MESSAGE Specification
7 The ACTION Specification
 7.1 The Context Specification and NEEDS Field
 7.2 The Action KEYWORD Field
 7.3 The HELP Field
A Parsing the Interface File
 A.1 Parameter, Action and Keyword Names
 A.2 Error Reporting
B Interface Module Search Path, ADAM_IFL
 B.1 Introduction
 B.2 Implementation for Unix
 B.3 Implementation for VAX VMS
C Parameter Specification for Output Parameters
D Help Files for Multi-line Help
E Parameter System Constants
F Obsolete Fields
 F.1 The Program Specification
  F.1.1 The PROGRAM field
  F.1.2 The EPATH field
 F.2 The RPATH field
G Changes in this Document
 G.1 SUN115.2
 G.2 SUN/115.3