Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 15.8

D L Terrett, M J Bly

25 February 1999

PGPLOT — Graphics Subroutine Library


User’s Guide


PGPLOT is the de facto standard plotting library in Astronomy. Starlink supports both the original ‘Native’ version and the GKS-based ‘Starlink’ version. This document describes their use on Starlink systems.


1 Introduction
2 Native-PGPLOT
 2.1 Using the Native version
 2.2 Native-PGPLOT device names
 2.3 Native-PGPLOT examples
3 Starlink-PGPLOT
 3.1 Using the GKS version
 3.2 Starlink-PGPLOT device names
 3.3 Starlink-PGPLOT examples
 3.4 Plotting in the current viewport
4 Other Differences
5 Support