Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 17.8

R. M. Prestage, H. Meyerdierks, J. F. Lightfoot,
T. Jenness, R. P. J. Tilanus, R. Padman

11 July 2000

SPECX — A Millimetre Wave Spectral Reduction Package


Users’ Manual


SPECX is a general purpose mm and submm spectral line data reduction system. This document provides an overview of the JAC/Starlink version of SPECX. See MUD/070 for a full manual to SPECX.


1 Introduction
2 Getting started
3 SPECX files and directories
4 Examples
5 Linking user-supplied subroutines
6 Data formats in, and data migration to, the UNIX version
7 Acknowledgements
A Release Notes
 A.1 V6.7-7
 A.2 V6.7-6
 A.3 V6.7-5
 A.4 V6.7-4
 A.5 V6.7-3
 A.6 V6.7-2
 A.7 V6.7-1
 A.8 V6.6
 A.9 V6.5
 A.10 V6.4
 A.11 V6.1 – VMS
B SPECX articles
 B.1 Frequency and velocity scales in SPECX – June 1992
  B.1.1 Introduction
  B.1.2 Observation and display of line spectra
  B.1.3 COMPLICATIONS. 1: Displaying the other sideband.
  B.1.5 Efficient map-making
  B.1.6 References
 B.2 More on SPECX velocity scales – January 1993
  B.2.1 References
  B.2.2 Bugs
  B.2.3 JCMT Updates
 B.3 SPECX V6.3 for VMS and a release – January 1994
  B.3.1 New and modified commands
  B.3.2 Bad channel/Magic value handling
  B.3.3 Map display
  B.3.4 FITS i/o
  B.3.5 Frequency and Velocity scaling of Plots