Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 186.3

D. L. Terrett

3 March 1999

STARTCL — Starlink Extensions to Tcl & Tk

version 1.3

User’s Guide


The STARTCL package is a set of extensions to the Tcl/Tk language to enable Tcl and Tk applications to display Starlink graphics inside widgets embedded in the application, send and receive ADAM messages and access ADAM noticeboards.

This document will be of interest to programmers writing graphics user interfaces for Starlink applications in Tcl/Tk.


1 Introduction
2 The GWM Extension
 2.1 The GWM Widget
  2.1.2 Printing
  2.1.4 Colourmaps
  2.1.5 Tk Procedures
 2.2 GWM Canvas item
3 ADAM Message System Extension
 3.1 The Message System
  3.1.1 The OBEY message
  3.1.2 The SET message
  3.1.3 The GET message
  3.1.4 The CONTROL message
  3.1.5 The CANCEL message
 3.2 The Tcl/Tk Interface
4 Noticeboard Extension
A Example gwm server script
B Noticeboard Examples
 B.1 Listing a noticeboard contents
C Low Level ADAM Message System Commands