7 oracdr_monitor

Monitor the ORAC-DR pipeline output



  oracdr_monitor --tty

  oracdr_monitor --nodisplay

To automatically determine ORAC_DATA_OUT based on a location file:


  orcadr_monitor --useloc


This program monitors the output from ORAC-DR log files in the ORAC_DATA_OUT directory. If a new log file is created (e.g. by a restart of ORAC-DR) the program will automatically begin monitoring the new one.

If an X-display is running it sends the output to an Xwindow similar to the standard ORAC-DR logging window. If there is no display the output is sent to standard output.

By default the data display is enabled to monitor the live pipeline display requests. On startup only new display requests are handled (any pending from earlier in the pipeline processing are ignored). The data display can be disabled using the -nodisplay option.



List help text. This prints a summary of this document.


Print the full documentation.


Print the version number.


This sends the output to the current xterm. It is automatically selected if the DISPLAY environment variable is unset.


Disable display monitoring. Ignored if DISPLAY environment variable is not set.


If display monitoring is enabled, by default the monitor will attempt to process every request even if that means it falls behind the pipeline. With this option only the most recent request will be handled with the exception that Group display requests are always processed.


Use the location "declared" by a file in ORAC_LOCATION_DIR (default /jac_sw/oracdr-locations) as ORAC_DATA_OUT.


Specifies a preferred recipe suffix. This affects the pipeline location file used if the --uselocation option is given.


Tim Jenness <t.jenness@jach.hawaii.edu >


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