Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 262.1

D.S. Berry
Malcolm J. Currie

2009 August 11

Copyright © 2009 Science and Technology Facilities Council.

CTG — Accessing Groups of catalogues

Version 3.0

Programmer’s Manual


This document describes the routines provided within the CTG subroutine library for accessing groups of catalogues.


1 Introduction
2 Interaction Between CTG and GRP
3 General overview of the CTG_ system
4 An example CTG application
5 Compiling and Linking with CTG
 5.1 ADAM Applications
A List of Routines
B Full Fortran Routine Specifications
CTG_ASSO1 – Obtain an identifier for a single existing catalogue using a specified parameter
CTG_ASSOC – Store names of existing catalogues specified through the environment
CTG_CATAS – Obtain a CAT identifier for an existing catalogue
CTG_CATCR – Obtain a CAT identifier for a new catalogue
CTG_CREA1 – Create a single new catalogue using a specified parameter
CTG_CREAT – Obtain the names of a group of catalogues to be created from the environment
CTG_GTSUP – Get supplemental information for a catalogue
CTG_PTSUP – Store suplemental information for an catalogue
CTG_SETSZ – Reduces the size of a CTG group

C Changes Introduced in CTG Version 3.0