Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 57.9

David Terrett & Nicholas Eaton

12 July 1995

Copyright © 2000 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

Graphics Workstation Name Service


User & Programmer’s Manual


This note contains information for three categories of GNS consumer:

The user of a graphics application. This consumer is interested in the syntax of graphics workstation names and need only read section 2.

The system manager. This consumer is interested in the contents of the database and how to set up and modify it. System managers will need to be familiar with the first part (section 3.1), which deals with workstation names. The remainder (section 3.2) will be of interest to anyone adding support for a new GKS or IDI device.

The application programmer. This consumer is interested in the programmer interface (Appendix B), the mechanism for reporting errors (section 4) and the means of compiling and linking the programs (section 5).


1 Introduction
2 Workstation Names
 2.1 GKS Names
 2.2 IDI Names
 2.3 GWM windows
 2.4 Demonstration Program
3 Database Management
 3.1 Workstation Names
  3.1.1 GKS Names
  3.1.2 IDI Names
  3.1.3 Sequence numbers
 3.2 Workstation Description Table
  3.2.1 GKS Descriptions
  3.2.2 IDI Descriptions
4 Error Messages
5 Compiling and Linking Programs with GNS
A Workstation Description File Keywords
B Programmer Interface
 B.1 Summary of GNS calls
C Subroutine Specifications
GNS_GTN – Get terminal name
GNS_GWNG – Get next GKS workstation name
GNS_GWNI – Get next IDI workstation name
GNS_IANG – Inquire AGI name of GKS workstation
GNS_IANI – Inquire AGI name of IDI workstation
GNS_IDNG – Inquire device name of GKS workstation
GNS_IETG – Inquire string to erase text screen
GNS_IGAG – Inquire GKS workstation name from AGI name
GNS_IIAI – Inquire IDI workstation name from AGI name
GNS_IONG – Inquire overlay device name of GKS workstation
GNS_ITWCG – Inquire workstation characteristic from its type
GNS_IWCG – Inquire workstation characteristic
GNS_IWSG – Inquire workstation scale
GNS_START – Start the GNS system
GNS_STOP – Stop the GNS system
GNS_TNDG – Translate name and device to GKS specification
GNS_TNG – Translate name to a GKS device specification
GNS_TNI – Translate name to an IDI device specification