Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 83.13

D L Terrett

8 December 1995

GKS — Graphical Kernel System


User’s Manual


The Graphical Kernel System provides a device independent graphics plotting library.


1 Introduction
2 Documentation
3 Workstation Types
4 Connection Identifiers
5 Compiling and Linking GKS programs
6 GKS Error Handler
7 External Names
8 Fonts
9 GKS standards
10 Reporting Bugs and Problems
11 Screen clear suppression
A Workstation Specific Information
 A.1 Cifer Graphics Terminals
 A.2 Pericom Graphics Terminals
 A.3 GraphOn 235 Graphics Terminal
 A.4 Canon LBP-8 Laser printer
 A.5 Postscript
 A.6 X-Windows Server
B Font Tables