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[[ https://www.eao.hawaii.edu/oracdr/2016AChangeLog | ORAC-DR change log ]] [[ https://www.eao.hawaii.edu/oracdr/2016AChangeLog | ORAC-DR 2016A change log ]]

Starlink Software Collection — 2016A Release Notes


  • Support for the 2016 December leap second is included (the previous release will not correctly grid JCMT data taken after December 2016).
  • csh is no longer required to run various applications (including SMURF's makemap command).

Changes to Applications


  • Fixed bug in the GaussClumps algorithm which could cause bright clear clumps to be missed.

  • The message printed when using the GaussClumps algorithm and one or more clumps are rejected is less misleading than it was before.

GAIA (ascl:1403.024)

  • Added scroll bars around 3D toolbox spectral properties tab.
  • Added the Gaia Satellite all source catalogue to the standard lists (other variants are available as VO downloads).

KAPPA (ascl:1403.022)

  • Added new WCSADD MAPTYPE "refndf" to copy a frame from another NDF.
  • Added new APERADD parameter MASK which can be used to save an NDF containing a mask showing which pixels were included in the aperture.
  • Added new command ALIGN2D to align 2D images by minimizing the residuals between them.
  • Added new NORMALIZE parameters DRAWMARK and DRAWWIDTH to control plotting of these elements.
  • Improved MFITTREND's handling of line forests, adding new parameters FOREST and HNUMBIN.
  • Fixed bug preventing excess WCS axes being removed by NDFCOPY.

ORAC-DR (ascl:1310.001)

ORAC-DR 2016A change log

POLPACK (ascl:1405.014)

  • Catalogue rows that contain any Starlink bad values are no longer passed to the GAIA polarimetry toolbox.
  • Fixed bug that caused an ellipsis to be appended to the end of the key title created by POLPLOT, if the Title attribute was set in the key style.
  • POLVEC has a new parameter called REFUPDATE that controls the reference direction used by the output catalogue.
  • Fixed bug in the calculation of the error values in the output catalogue created by POLVEC. Errors may now be generally some what smaller than before.

SMURF (ascl:1310.007)

  • Options for despiking of JCMT WVM data added.
  • FTS2SPLIT now generates output file names by appending a number rather than manipulating the subscan field of the name.
  • Added new MAKEMAP dimmconfig parameter flt.ring_mask to control the flagging of samples that suffer from ringing.
  • MAKEMAP now records total exposure time in the output map, using a FITS header called ELAPTIME.
  • Two sets of pointing corrections can now be used in MAKEMAP.
  • Prevented an error being shown when FIT1D parameter PARCOMP is null.
  • Apply map-based despiking to all subarrays other than just the first supplied.
  • Many changes have been made, and continue to be made, to the commands used for POL-2 data reduction. You are advised to download the nightly build from EAO if you intend to reduce POL-2 data.
  • Fixed bug in extinction calculation that could cause very small random errors in extinction values.


  • The included JCMT source catalog has been updated.


  • A number of improvements and fixes to the VO services interface.


  • Updated to version v3.0-9.

STILTS version history

TOPCAT (ascl:1101.010)

  • Updated to version v4.3-5.

TOPCAT version history

Changes to Libraries

AST (ascl:1404.016)

  • The AST source code is now stored in its own GitHub repository, separate to the main Starlink repository.

  • The new configure option "--without-fortran" allows AST to be built without a Fortran compiler being available.
  • Mapping attributes that could previously be changed freely can now only be changed if the mapping has not been cloned or incorporated into another AST object.
  • A new Mapping class — UnitNormMap — has been added, which converts an absolute position vector into a unit vector relative to a specified origin, plus a vector length.

  • Include December 2016 leap second.
  • Fix memory corruption caused by more than 50 calls to astMapPutElemC
  • Change angular constants in AST_PAR include file from single to double precision.
  • Fix bug in astGetRegionBounds that could cause incorrect bounds to be returned for cases where the region crosses a longitude=zero singularity.
  • New Frame method, astAxNorm, to normalise a set of axis values.


  • Prevented insufficient good data in a element from being fatal when using ESTIMATOR=Mode in COLLAPSE.


  • No longer defaults to using csh for file name expansion.


  • Updated to version v3.1-2.

STIL version history

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