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[[ http://www.oracdr.org/oracdr/2017AChangeLog | ORAC-DR change log ]] [[ https://www.eao.hawaii.edu/oracdr/2017AChangeLog | ORAC-DR 2017A change log ]]

Starlink Software Collection — 2017A Release Notes


  • The latest version of the POL-2 data reduction software is included.
  • A new cookbook SC/22 is provided as an introduction to POL-2 data reduction.

Changes to Applications

ATOOLS (ascl:1708.001)

  • Added a "DISTANCE" output parameter to astdistance.
  • Added new commands astchebymap and astchebydomain.


  • Improved recognition of data products from SMURF.
  • A dummy BINTABLE is now always created for the SMURF extension.

CUPID (ascl:1311.007)

  • Improved accuracy of calculation of clump volumes.
  • Corrected 0.5 pixel error in clump centroid pixel positions.
  • Sped up clump extraction by omitting history and provenance from extension NDFs.

GAIA (ascl:1403.024)

  • Added unicoderadec option to control if unicode RA and Dec labels are used.
  • Corrected a bug where links in the help system could have mangled URLs.
  • Polarimetry toolbox changed to align vectors correctly in galactic coordinates.

KAPPA (ascl:1403.022)

  • Added scale and offset to ALIGN2D output parameter TR if FITVAL is enabled.
  • Modified DISPLAY parameter KEYPOS to allow the vertical position also to be specified.
  • Allowed a subset of pens to be used with the new DISPLAY parameter PENRANGE.
  • Allowed the scale on nominated axes to be retained in SQORST.
  • Added a new facility for creating a log of executed commands in text format.
  • Allowed TRANDAT input text file to include bad pixel values.

ORAC-DR (ascl:1310.001)

ORAC-DR 2017A change log

POLPACK (ascl:1405.014)

  • Added command polwcscopy to copy WCS between vector catalogs.

SMURF (ascl:1310.007)

  • Retain spike flags between iterations of skyloop.
  • Added new config parameters, maptol_xxx, which allow greater control over the makemap convergence criteria.
  • Allowed zero_snrlo parameters to be zero. Dimmconfig files which set ast.zero_snrlo=0 should now set ast.zero_snrlo=<undef> to retain the previous behaviour. The same goes for com.zero_snrlo, flt.zero_snrlo, ssn.zero_snrlo and pca.zero_snrlo.

  • Included consideration of map offsets when checking for positional excursions with SCUBA-2.
  • Improved handling of gaps in fitted CSO and WVM opacity data.
  • Updated list of dates on which the JCMT WVM is considered unusable (in auto mode) to include 3/29/2017. (Its usage can be forced with the ext.tausrc=wvmraw option if desired.)
  • Added support for the new JCMT DTAI FITS header. This gives the offset of TAI from UTC and will now be used in preference to the leap second information in AST when set.
  • Added MAKECUBE parameter POSERRMAX to control the allowed discrepancy between RECEPPOS and FPLANEX/Y. The default value of this parameter is 3" whereas the tolerance was previously fixed at 1".
  • Many changes to support better reduction of POL-2 data have been made. The main ones are the addition of a new command called pol2map to produce maps and vector catalogues from raw POL-2 data, and a new IP model. The total intensity values needed for IP correction and the calculation of fractional polarizations are now determined from the POL-2 data itself, rather than from an additional SCUBA-2 observation.


  • The included JCMT source catalog has been updated.

SPLAT (ascl:1402.007)

  • Avoid an error which could occur when the content type of a remote resource could not be determined.


  • PROLAT now uses markers "---" to delimit prolog sections within which line breaks and indentation should be preserved.

STILTS (ascl:1105.001)

  • Updated to version 3.1.

STILTS version history

TOPCAT (ascl:1101.010)

  • Updated to version 4.4.

TOPCAT version history

Changes to Libraries

AST (ascl:1404.016)

  • Improved simplification of NormMaps.

  • Corrected TranForward and TranInverse attribute values returned by inverted PolyMaps.

  • Added ChebyMap class, which represents Chebyshev polynomials transformations.

  • Added new frame attribute Dtai to hold the number of leap seconds at the Frame's epoch.
  • An external error reporting function can now be registered at run-time.
  • Improved the fit produced by the PolyTran function in cases where the PolyMap includes a change of units.


  • Allowed non-alphanumeric characters in catalog file names.


  • Increased maximum command line length from around 400 characters to around 2000 characters.


  • Updated to version 3.2.

STIL version history

Additional Notes

During tested, a user discovered difficulties when attempting to build a more modern version of Pamela against this release on Debian 9 (it worked on Debian 8). This has not been resolved, and there are not any known work arounds for it yet -- it seems likely it could affect other packages as well. Please contact the stardev developers list (https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=STARDEV) if you discover issues when rebuilding Starlink packages.

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