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=== ORAC-DR ===
See [[ https://www.eao.hawaii.edu/oracdr/HikianaliaChangeLog | ORAC-DR Hikianalia change log]]
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=== ORAC-DR ===
See [[ http://www.oracdr.org/oracdr/HikianaliaChangeLog ]]

Starlink Software Collection - Hikianalia Release Notes


  • 64-bit integer data type supported.
  • Significant improvements to the SCUBA-2 map-maker.
  • New PICARD recipes for SCUBA-2 analysis.


  • Updated and expanded SCUBA-2 reduction cookbook (SC/21).

Changes to Applications


  • Added task ASTSPHMAP to create a SphMap. for transforming from three-dimensional Cartesian co-ordinates into a two-dimensional spherical co-ordinate system.


  • Works with 64-bit integer data.


  • Can process 64-bit integer data in ASCII2NDF, DA2NDF, FITS2NDF, NDF2ASCII, NDF2DA, NDF2FITS, NDF2UNF, and UNF2NDF.


  • A new toolbox for drawing STC-S regions has been added.
  • It is now possible to add local colour and intensity maps to GAIA by adding files to the ~/.skycat/colormaps directory. These files need to be in the correct format, that is simple text files with either three columns (RGB for colour maps) or one column (intensity) whose values are in the range 0 to 1. Colour maps should use the file type ".lasc" and intensity maps ".iasc".
  • A bug in the handling of the WCS from FITS files with size greater than 2Gb has been fixed. Previously GAIA could fail to show the world coordinates for such images.
  • The UCAC4 catalogue has been added to the standard Skycat catalogues.


  • Handles the K (64-bit integer) type.


  • New applications:
    • CONFIGECHO reports the value of a configuration parameter be it in a text file or the history of an NDF. While it is mostly intended for scripting it can also display the configuration-parameter differences between the two sources.
    • NDFECHO expands a given group expression into an explicit list of NDF names, and reports a specified subset thereof.
  • Modified commands:
    • CHANMAP, COLLAPSE, and MSTATS have four new estimators, which produce the fraction/count of good/bad pixel values.
    • NORMALSIZE permits normalisation against a single row or column when comparing two-dimensional NDFs through a new boolean parameter called LOOP.
    • PARGET has a new boolean parameter called VECTOR, which defines the format used to present vector parameters.
    • ROTATE estimates north at the centre of the array not at the first corner.
    • WCSADD offers control of the transfer of set attributes from the basis Frame to the new Frame through a new boleean parameter called TRANSFER.
    • WCSREMOVE can remove Frames specified by name as well as by index.


See ORAC-DR Hikianalia change log


  • A new command POLROTREF has been added to rotate the reference direction of a pair of Q and U images.
  • The POLVEC command now omits vectors from positions that have negative total intensity values.


SCB is moving to obsolete and will not be installed by default.


  • Up to three external masks can now be specified using ADAM parameters REF, MASK2 and MASK3. The ZERO_MASK configuration parameter selects which ADAM parameter to use.
  • If multiple types of mask are requested for any of the AST, FLT and COM models they will now be combined into a single mask. Previously, only one of the requested masks would be used. Either the union or intersection of the masks may be used.
  • The METHOD parameter for MAKEMAP now silently defaults to "ITERATE".
  • Several dimmconfig files have had cosmetic changes. Parameters of little interest to users have been removed. Descriptions of parameters have been moved into the defaults files ("smurf_makemap.def" etc in $SMURF_DIR).
  • The dimmconfig.lis file now uses maptol to specify the convergence criterion rather than chitol.
  • The dimmconfig_bright_extended.lis file now inherits from dimmconfig.lis, rather than dimmconfig_bright.lis. This means that the values used for com.corr_tol, com.gain_abstol, com.gain_tol, dcthresh and noisecliphigh have changed. In addition, dimmconfig_bright_extended.lis now sets the value of FLT.FILT_EDGE_LARGESCALE to 600 arc-seconds for both 450 and 850 um. Previously, the defaults of 600 (at 450 um) and 300 (at 850 um) provided by dimmconfig.lis were accepted. Thus, the filter size has changed from 300 to 600 at 450 um.

  • A new command "skyloop" has been added which will create a map using the "inside-out" algorithm, which includes data from all chunk at each iteration. See:
  • A new command "configmeld" has been added which will use the unix "meld" (or similar) command to compare two sets of MAKEMAP configuration parameters, specified directly or from the History component of an NDF created by MAKEMAP.


  • This has been ported to 64-bit machine architectures.

Changes to Libraries


  • Added 64-bit integer support.


  • New functions atlKy2hd and ATL_KY2HD have been added. These have been moved from the KAPLIBS library.


  • When a FitsChan is used to write an "offset" SkyFrame (see attribute SkyRefIs) to a FITS-WCS encoded header, two alternate axis descriptions are now created - one for the offset coordinates and one for the absolute coordinates. If such a header is subsequently read back into AST, the original offset SkyFrame is recreated.

  • IMPORTANT! The default behaviour of astRebinSeq is now NOT to conserve flux. To conserve flux, the AST_ _CONSERVEFLUX flag should be supplied when calling astRebinSeq.

  • A new flag AST_ _NONORM can be used with astRebinSeq<X> to indicate that normalisation of the output arrays is not required.

  • The astRate method has been re-written to make it faster and more reliable.
  • When reading a FrameSet from a FITS-DSS header, the keywords CNPIX1 and CNPIX2 now default to zero if absent. Previously an error was reported.

  • The FitsChan class can now read FITS headers that use the SAO convention for representing distorted TAN projections, based on the use of "COi_j" keywords to hold the coefficients of the distortion polynomial.

  • Bug fixes:
    • The FitsChan class bo longer generates inappropriate CTYPE values when writing a FrameSet to FITS-WCS headers if the current Frame describes generalised spherical coordinates (i.e. a SkyFrame with System=Unknown).

    • The astAddFrame method no longer causes incorrect inversion of Mappings within the FrameSet when the AST_ _ALLFRAMES flag is supplied for the "iframe" parameter.

    • A bug has been fixed in astRebinSeq<X> which could result in incorrect normalisation of the final binned data and variance values.


  • Added routines for 64-bit integers (CHR_CTOK, CHR_KTOC, CHR_PUTK).


  • Supports 64-bit integer (_INT64) type.


  • New KPG1_KY2HD and kpg1Ky2hd have been moved to the ATL library.
  • Added KPG1_QUOTE to put single quotes round a string and escape any embedded single quotes.
  • Now handles 64-bit integers,


  • Added MSG_SETK for 64-bit-integer tokens.


  • Now supports the 64-bit integer (_INT64) data type.
  • Introduce tuning parameter SECMAX to limit maximum size of an NDF section.
  • A new routine NDF_CANCL can be used to cancel the association between an environment parameter and an NDF. This is equivalent to calling PAR_CANCL for parameters, except that NDF_CANCL provides an option to cancel all NDF parameters in a single call, without needing to know their names.
  • The structure used to hold Provenance information has been changed. It now occupies much less disk space and is much faster to read and write.


  • New routine NDG_ABPTH added to convert a group of NDF paths from relative to absolute, with respect to the current working directory.
  • Routine NDG_GTSUP now returns field values formed by parsing the file specifications in the supplied group, if the supplied group has no supplemental information, rather than return blank field values.
  • A bug has been fixed that resulted in the NDF AUTOHISTORY facility being switched off inside an NDG "group history" block. For instance, this caused all KAPPA applications to ignore any value set for environment variable NDF_AUTO_HISTORY.


  • Added sorting for 64-bit integers.


  • Supports the K type code for 64-bit integers.


  • PSC_CALLOC recognises 64-bit integers.

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