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 * Use CNF to add mutex for C access
 * Add C wrappers for slaPreces, slaPvobs and slaMapqk.

Starlink Software Collection - Kapuahi Release Notes



  • Kapuahi is required in order to reduce SCUBA-2 data.
  • New PAL library replaces SLA in all C applications.

New Applications

Changes to Applications



  • FINDCLUMPS GaussClumps method now excludes peaks below the specified threshold from the output catalogue and NDF.

  • Improvements to the FINDCLUMPS GaussClumps method has improved its ability to decompose merged clumps.

  • FINDBACK now uses mutiple processors or cores (if available) to speed up the the procesing of independent slices.
  • FINDBACK can now find and use an independent default noise value for each slice of supplied NDF.




See http://www.oracdr.org/oracdr/ChangeLog


  • New command UNMAKEMAP creates artificial SCUBA_2 data from a trial sky image and a set of real SCUBA-2 raw data files.
    • Pointing corrections for the input raw data can now be specified via a text file, using new parameter POINTING.
    • CONFIG parameters that specify a number of samples can now also be given in terms of seconds.
    • New CONFIG parameter "SAMPCUBES" creates an output cube that contains all the data values that are combined to make each output map pixel value.
    • New CONFIG parameter "COM.PERARRAY" allows a separate common mode signal to be estimated and used for each sub-array.
    • The COM model can now be masked to omit source samples from the common mode estimation.
    • The FLT model can now be masked to omit source samples when estimating the low frequency background of each bolometer time stream.
    • SNR masks for the AST, COM and FLT models can now be taken down to much lower levels without introducing isolated noise spikes into the mask.
    • A bug has been fixed that caused the memory requirements to grow monotonically when running MAKEMAP repeatedly as a monolith (e.g. from ORAC-DR or ICL).
    • Empty output tiles are now ignored, and any remaining tiles created as normal.
    • A bug has been fixed that caused the memory requirements to grow monotonically when running MAKECUBE repeatedly as a monolith (e.g. from ORAC-DR or ICL).


New Libraries


The PAL library is a re-implementation of the Fortran SLA library in C. It uses the SOFA library wherever possible and has a GPL licence. We now use the PAL library in SMURF, AST and most of the perl interfaces. Fortran SLA is used by Fortran applications.



We now ship a copy of the thirdparty SOFA astrometry library. Kapuahi comes with version 2012-03-01.

Changes to Libraries


  • The AST distribution now includes a copy of the IAU SOFA library as a replacement for the obfuscated subset of the C SLALIB library used previously.
  • The number of libraries installed by AST has been reduced.
  • The Spitzer "-SIP" distortion code is now recognised within FITS headers that describe non-celestial axes, as well as celestial axes.
  • A Python wrapper for AST is now available.
  • Added support for the 2012 leap second.
  • Extended support for a variety of distorted projections within the FitsChan clas, including SIP, TPV, TNX, ZPX, SCAMP, etc.

  • The PolyMap class can now use an iterative Newton-Raphson method to evaluate the inverse the inverse transformation if no inverse transformation is defined when the PolyMap is created.

  • All classes of Channel can now read to and write from specified text files, without the need to provide source and sink functions when the Channel is created. The files to use are specified by the new attributes SourceFile and SinkFile.

  • The FitsChan class has a new read-only attribute called "Nkey", which holds the number of keywords for which values are held in a FitsChan.

  • Frames now interpret the unit string "A" as meaning "Ampere" rather than "Angstrom", as specified by FITS-WCS paper I.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Attributes for axes of a CmpFrame with permuted axes could be indexed incorrectly

    • Inappropriate equinox values could be used when aligning SkyFrames if the AlignSystem attribute was set.

    • The astFindFrame method allowed a template Frame of a more specialised class to match a target frame of a less specialised class. For example, this bug would allow a template SkyFrame to match a target Frame.


  • Added the 2012 leap second.
  • Removed the C slaEuler code and now use the Fortran as before.
  • Use CNF to add mutex for C access
  • Add C wrappers for slaPreces, slaPvobs and slaMapqk.

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