Policies for Git usage of the Starlink source code repository

This document describes the basic policies and conventions that should be adhered to when committing changes to the Git source code repository. This is a live document and should not be considered as policies set in stone. They may evolve as we become more familiar with git.

short message here

Longer description of the patch in here.

 % git branch mychanges
 % git checkout mychanges
 % <do your edits and commits>
 % git checkout master          # get back to "trunk"
 % git pull                     # update with the central repository. this will be a fastforward
 % git merge mychanges          # merge changes into trunk
 % git checkout master
 % git pull                     # update master if you want to get updates from central repository
 % git checkout mychanges       # go back to branch
 % git rebase master            # "rebase" the branch patches to HEAD of master
 % git checkout master
 % git merge mychanges          # will now be a fast forward
 % git push                     # send them home

See the discussion in the main Git primer but for short-lived dev branches rebasing would be preferred over merging in that the merging does not really provide useful information for the history of the repository.

Details of how the repository was converted to git.

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