11 Displaying Particle Data

 11.1 Use
 11.2 Notes
file: particle.net
example data file: particle.general

This network displays three-dimensional particle data. Each point is shown in its correct relative position inside a set of axes representing a bounding box just enclosing the dataset. Note however that the position of each point within the plot is necessarily ambiguous. Each point is shown as a dot and coloured according to the data component of the field.

11.1 Use

The network is shown in Figure 14.

11.2 Notes

Module ‘ShowBox’ extracts the bounding box of the data set. ‘AutoColor’ generates a plot showing the positions of each point in the dataset and colours each point according to the value of its data component. ‘Collect’ combines the bounding box and plot.


Figure 14: Network to display three-dimensional particle dataset.

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