H Backpage alphabetic listing

ASTEXP Exports coordinate system information from images. 131

ASTIMP Imports coordinate system information into images. 135

CALCOR Performs dark or flash count corrections. 139

CCDALIGN Aligns images graphically by interactive object selection. 143

CCDCLEAR Clears global parameters. 147

CCDEDIT Edits the CCDPACK extensions of images. 148

CCDFORK Creates a script for executing CCDPACK commands in a background process. 156

CCDNDFAC Accesses a list of images, writing their names to a file. 157

CCDNOTE Adds a note to the log file. 159

CCDSETUP Sets up the CCDPACK global parameters. 160

CCDSHOW Displays the current values of any CCDPACK global parameters. 165

DEBIAS Debiasses lists of images either by bias image subtraction or by interpolation – applies bad data masks – extracts a subset of the data area – produces variances – applies saturation values. 166

DRAWNDF Draws aligned images or outlines on a graphics device. 175

DRIZZLE Resamples and mosaics using the drizzling algorithm. 180

FINDCENT Centroids image features. 185

FINDOBJ Locates and centroids image features. 189

FINDOFF Performs pattern-matching between position lists related by simple offsets. 194

FLATCOR Performs the flatfield correction on a list of images. 199

IDICURS Views and writes position lists interactively. 203