G Backpage alphabetic listing

IMPORT Imports FITS information into CCDPACK extensions. 207

MAKEBIAS Produces a bias calibration image. 211

MAKECAL Produces calibration images for flash or dark counts. 216

MAKEFLAT Produces a flatfield image. 219

MAKEMOS Makes image mosaics by combining and normalising. 223

MAKESET Writes Set header information to images. 232

PAIRNDF Aligns images graphically by drag and drop 237

PLOTLIST Draws position markers on a graphics display. 243

PRESENT Presents a list of images to CCDPACK. 246

REDUCE Automatic CCD data reduction facility (command-line version) 252

REGISTER Determines transformations between lists of positions. 253

SCHEDULE Schedules an automated CCDPACK reduction. 260

SHOWSET Outputs image Set header information. 264

TRANLIST Transforms lists of positions. 267

TRANNDF Transforms (resamples) images. 274

WCSEDIT Modifies or examines image coordinate system information. 278

WCSREG Aligns images using multiple coordinate systems. 282

XREDUCE Starts the automated CCD data reduction GUI. 285