16 Simple Statistics

 16.1 Replacing calls to G01DBF
 16.2 Replacing calls to G01DCF

16.1 Replacing calls to G01DBF

The routine PDA_NSCOR calculates the same values as G01DBF, except that only N2 values are returned, rather than N. This is since the values are symmetric and can therefore be simply derived.

16.2 Replacing calls to G01DCF

The routine PDA_COVMAT calculates the same statistics as G01DCF. To use it requires that you also supply the variance of the largest normal order statistic (see PDA_V11) and that you increase the space required for the variance array. This is now a full array of values rather than a packed array. The following code shows how to convert this to the same form as output by the NAG routine:

        K = 1
        DO 3 J = 1, N
           DO 4 L = 1, J
              NAGVEC( K ) = V( L, J )
              K = K + 1
   4       CONTINUE
   3    CONTINUE