Starlink Project
Starlink Guide 9.2

Martin Clayton

11 December 1996

Introduction to Echelle Spectroscopy


1 Introduction
 1.1 Other Sources of Information
2 An Echelle Spectrum
3 Preparing for Observation
 3.1 What CCD Data Do You Need?
 3.2 Detector Pre-processing
 3.3 Flat Fields
 3.4 Order Tracing
 3.5 Wavelength Calibration
 3.6 Flux Calibration
4 The Basics of Echelle Data Reduction
 4.1 Image Preparation
  4.1.1 Software for CCD Data Preparation
 4.2 Order Location
 4.3 Order Tracing
 4.4 Slit Definition
 4.5 Flat Fielding
 4.6 Background Handling
 4.7 Extraction of Spectra
 4.8 Wavelength Calibration
 4.9 Finishing Reduction
  4.9.1 Blaze Correction
  4.9.2 Flux Calibration
  4.9.3 Re-binning Spectra—Scrunching
  4.9.4 Combining Orders—Merging
 4.10 Handling Cosmic Rays
5 Data Reduction Facilities
 5.1 Available Packages
 5.2 Choosing a Package
6 Glossary


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