Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 101.2

Jo Murray

24 January 1991

Introduction to ADAM Programming


This document is a tutorial in the art of ADAM programming. ADAM is the Starlink Software Environment.


1 Introduction
2 Starlink data structures
3 Compiling, linking and running a simple ADAM program
4 A simple program
5 Error and message reporting
6 Data manipulation
7 Interface files and Parameters
8 Propagating NDFs
9 Reading from and writing to text files
10 Creating NDFs from scratch – a format conversion routine
11 Character handling routines
12 Handling data quality
13 Processing the variance array
14 PRIMDAT – Primitive data processing
15 A graphics application
16 Dealing with Extensions – using HDS routines
17 Running under ICL
18 Writing ICL command files and procedures
19 Creating a help library
20 Prologues
21 Building a monolith
22 Miscellaneous ADAM packages
A Standard components in an NDF
B NDF routine summary
C HDS data types
D PAR routines
E Character handling routines