Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 130.5

David Terrett
Nicholas Eaton

7 July 1995

Copyright © 2000 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

GWM — X Graphics Window Manager

Version 1.5-1

Programmers’ Manual


This note describes how to create graphics windows on an X display that do not disappear when a program terminates.


1 Introduction
2 Creating a window
3 Using windows
4 Resizing windows
5 Deleting windows
6 The FORTRAN interface
 6.1 Summary of GWM calls
 6.2 Making the X connection
 6.3 Creating a GWM window
 6.4 Inquiries
 6.5 Linking programs with GWM
 6.6 Subroutine Specifications
GWM_CLOSE – Close the X client-server connection
GWM_CRWIN – Create a GWM window
GWM_DSWIN – Destroy a GWM window
GWM_EXIST – Inquire if a GWM window of the given name exists
GWM_GETCI – Inquire the number of colours and the colour indices
GWM_OPEN – Establish the X client-server connection
GWM_WSETC – Set a character string window option
GWM_WSETI – Set an integer window option
GWM_WSETL – Set a logical window option

7 Graphics Driver Interface
 7.1 Anatomy of a Window
 7.2 Drawing in the Window
 7.3 Drawing in the Overlay Plane
 7.4 The Colour Table
 7.5 Scrolling
 7.6 Examples
 7.7 Subroutine Specifications
GWM_CreateWindow – Create a window
GWM_DestroyWindow – Destroy a window
GWM_FindWindow – Find a window
GWM_GetBgCol – Get background colour
GWM_GetColTable – Get windows colour table
GWM_GetFgCol – Get foreground colour
GWM_GetOvMask – Get overlay mask
GWM_GetOvScroll – Get overlay scroll offset
GWM_GetPixmap – Get pixmap id
GWM_GetScroll – Get scroll offset
GWM_SetBgCol – Set background colour property
GWM_SetColTable – Set colour table
GWM_SetFgCol – Set foreground colour property
GWM_SetOvScroll – Set overlay scroll offset
GWM_SetPixmap – Set pixmap id
GWM_SetScroll – Set offset offset