Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 144.15

A J Chipperfield

17 August 2001

Copyright © 2000 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils


Unix Version 4.0


This document describes the use of the Starlink Software Environment, ADAM, on Unix. It is primarily of use to programmers but the early sections contain information useful to any user.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the concepts of ADAM programming and that the Starlink software is installed in the standard way.


1 Introduction
2 Running from the shell
3 ICL for Unix
4 Input-line Editing
 4.1 Input-line Recall
 4.2 Suggested Value Recall
 4.3 Filename completion
 4.4 Editing the Input Line
 4.5 Other Special Keys
5 The ADAM_USER Directory
6 Compiling and Linking
 6.1 Include Files
 6.2 ADAM Link Scripts
 6.3 Interface Files
 6.4 Monoliths
7 Help Files
8 Miscellaneous Points
9 References
10 Document Changes
 10.1 SUN/144.13
 10.2 SUN/144.14
 10.3 SUN/144.15
A Example Session
B Link Script Details
C Available Libraries
D ADAM Environment Variables
E ICL Environment Variables
F Edit Keys