Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 229.2

Tim Jenness, Remo Tilanus,
Horst Meyerdierks, Jon Fairclough

30 November 2014

The Global Section Datafile (GSD) access library


Programmer’s Manual


This document describes the Global Section Datafile (GSD) access library. This library provides read-only access to GSD files created at the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope. A description of GSD itself is presented in addition to descriptions of the library routines.


1 History
2 Introduction
3 C interface
4 Fortran interface
5 Perl interface
6 Programming Notes
7 Programming Tools
8 Release Notes
A Technical Overview
B Subroutine List
C Routine Descriptions
gsdClose – Close a GSD file
gsdFind – Find GSD item by name
gsdGet0x – Get a scalar value from a GSD file
gsdGet1x – Get an array from a GSD file
gsdInqSize – Inquire array size
gsdItem – Get GSD item by number
gsdOpenRead – Open a GSD file for reading and map it

D Mapping


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