Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 233.4

Tim Jenness, Frossie Economou, Brad Cavanagh
Joint Astronomy Centre, Hilo, Hawaii

June 2004

Copyright © 2004 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

ORAC-DR – Programmer’s Guide




orac-dr is a general purpose automatic data reduction pipeline environment. This document describes how to modify data reduction recipes and how to add new instruments. For a general overview of orac-dr see SUN/230. For specific information on how to reduce the data for a particular instrument, please consult the appropriate orac-dr instrument guide.


1 Introduction
2 Overview
3 Recipes
 3.1 Recipe Names
 3.2 Recipe locations
4 Primitives
5 Writing a Primitive
 5.1 Log Files
 5.2 Temporary and intermediate files
 5.3 Passing information between primitives
6 Calibration
 6.1 Calibration overrides
7 Message output
8 Recipe Debugging
9 Adding new instruments
 9.1 Frames
  9.1.1 Frame headers
 9.2 Groups
 9.3 Calibration
 9.4 Algorithm Engines
 9.5 Orac-dr
 9.6 Recipes
A Directory Layout
B Perl Bibliography
C Class libraries
 C.1 ORAC::Bounds
 C.2 ORAC::Calib
 C.3 ORAC::Calib::WFCAM;
 C.4 ORAC::Calib::ACSIS;
 C.5 ORAC::Calib::SCUBA
 C.6 ORAC::Calib::SCUBA2
 C.7 ORAC::Constants
 C.8 ORAC::Display
 C.9 ORAC::Frame
 C.10 ORAC::Frame::NDF
 C.11 ORAC::Frame::UKIRT
 C.12 ORAC::Frame::WFCAM
 C.13 ORAC::Frame::JCMT
 C.14 ORAC::Frame::ACSIS
 C.15 ORAC::Frame::SCUBA
 C.16 ORAC::Frame::SCUBA2
 C.17 ORAC::General
 C.18 ORAC::Group
 C.19 ORAC::Group::NDF
 C.20 ORAC::Group::UKIRT
 C.21 ORAC::Group::WFCAM
 C.22 ORAC::Group::ACSIS
 C.23 ORAC::Group::SCUBA
 C.24 ORAC::Group::SCUBA2
 C.25 ORAC::Index
 C.26 ORAC::LogFile
 C.27 ORAC::Loop
 C.28 ORAC::Msg::Control::AMS
 C.29 ORAC::Msg::Task::ADAM
 C.30 ORAC::Print
 C.31 ORAC::TempFile
D Core libraries
 D.1 ORAC::BaseFile
 D.3 ORAC::BaseGSD
 D.4 ORAC::BaseNDF
 D.5 ORAC::Basic
 D.6 ORAC::Convert
 D.7 ORAC::Core
 D.8 ORAC::Display::Base
 D.9 ORAC::Display::GAIA
 D.10 ORAC::Display::KAPVIEW
 D.11 ORAC::Error
 D.12 ORAC::Inst::Defn
 D.13 ORAC::Msg::EngineLaunch
 D.14 ORAC::Msg::MessysLaunch