Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 271.0

G. S. Bell

April 2021

Copyright © 2021 East Asian Observatory

Wesley — Pre-processing
mode for ORAC-DR

Version 1.0.0

User’s Guide


Wesley is a pre-processing pipeline. It is intended to apply corrections to raw data files which may be necessary prior to reduction with Orac-dr.


1 Introduction
2 Wesley Overview
 2.1 Running Wesley
 2.2 Wesley Options
A Alphabetical List of Wesley Recipes
B Specifications of Wesley Recipes
CLEAR_HEADER_SIMULATE – Clear the SIMULATE header if set
FILTER_DOME_OPEN – Filter file list by dome status
FIX_HEADER_IFFREQ – Set IFFREQ header from OCS config XML
FIX_INCONSISTENT_OBJECT – Set OBJECT header to first value from group
INSERT_JCMT_WVM_DATA – Put WVM data into raw JCMT files