Starlink Project
Starlink User Note 245.0

A. J. Chipperfield

21 Jan 2002

Copyright © 2000 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

Tools To Display and Edit HDS Objects

Version 1.0

User’s manual


The HDSTOOLS package contains a number of tools to edit and display HDS objects. The tools originated in the ASTERIX package but have now been modified to run as normal Starlink tasks.


1 Introduction
2 Running the Applications
3 Supplying Parameters
 3.1 Command Line Parameters
 3.2 Vpaths and Prompts
 3.3 Specifying HDS Objects
 3.4 ‘Special’ Keywords
 3.5 Global Parameters
 3.6 Interface Files
4 HDSTOOLS Output Devices
5 MSG Tuning
6 Acknowledgements
7 Specifications of the HDSTOOLS Applications
 7.1 General Notes
  7.1.1 The Usage Section
  7.1.2 The Parameters Section
  7.1.3 The Examples Section
HCOPY – Copy HDS data objects
HCREATE – Create an HDS data object of specified type and dimensions
HDELETE – Delete an HDS object
HDIR – Produce a simple summary of an HDS object
HDISPLAY – Display the contents of a primitive HDS object
HFILL – Fill an HDS data object with a specified value
HGET – Return information about an object
HHELP – Gives help about HDSTOOLS
HMODIFY – Modify the value of an HDS object
HREAD – Read a file into an HDS object
HRENAME – Rename an HDS data object
HRESET – Change state of a primitive HDS object to undefined
HRESHAPE – Reshape an HDS object
HRETYPE – Change the type of an HDS structure object
HTAB – Display one or more vector objects in table form
HWRITE – Write an HDS object into formatted/unformatted file