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Starlink User Note 265.0

A.G. Gibb, T. Jenness, F. Economou

10 Jun 2014

Copyright © 2014 University of British Columbia and the Science & Technology Facilities Council

PICARD — a PIpeline for Combining and Analyzing Reduced Data

Version 1.0.0

User’s Guide


Picard is a facility for combining and analyzing reduced data, normally the output from the Orac-dr data reduction pipeline. This document describes an introduction to using Picard for processing instrument-independent data.


1 Introduction
 1.1 Document conventions
2 PICARD overview
 2.1 Requirements for running PICARD
 2.2 Important environment variables
 2.3 Running PICARD
 2.4 PICARD options
3 Hints and tips
4 Writing PICARD recipes and primitives
A Alphabetical list of PICARD recipes
B Specifications of PICARD recipes
CALCULATE_EFFICIENCIES – calculate eta_mb and eta_ap from a reduced ACSIS observation
CALCULATE_STANDARD – Perform standard analysis on JCMT standards
CALC_SCUBA2_AVPSPEC – Calculate average bolometer power spectra from SCUBA-2 data
CALC_SCUBA2_FCF – Calculate FCFs from SCUBA-2 calibrators
CALC_SCUBA2_NEFD – Calculate NEFDs from SCUBA-2 images
CALIBRATE_SIDEBAND_RATIO – Apply sideband ratio corrections
COADD_JSA_TILES – Co-add JSA tiles together by tile number
CREATE_MOMENTS_MAP – Creates a moments map from a spectral-line cube
CREATE_PNG – Create a PNG from the current Frame object
CROP_SCUBA2_IMAGES – Trim images to the defined map area
ESTIMATE_IMAGE_ALIGNMENT – estimates image alignment
JSA_CATALOGUE – Create a JSA style catalogue
MAKE_HIPS – Create Hierarchical Progressive Survey
MOSAIC_JCMT_IMAGES – Coadd images produced by JCMT instruments
PICARD_DEMONSTRATOR – Simple recipe to test Picard infrastructure
SCUBA2_CHECK_CAL – Perform SCUBA-2 calibration checks on standard sources
SCUBA2_CHECK_RMS – Calculate RMS and NEFD via two methods to compare with ITC
SCUBA2_DISPLAY_PCA – Calculate and display properties of PCA components
SCUBA2_JACKKNIFE – Calculate optimal map using jack-knife noise estimator
SCUBA2_JACKKNIFE_PSF – Create a scaled PSF from maps with fake sources added
SCUBA2_MAPSTATS – report image statistics and calibrator analysis
SCUBA2_MAP_PSPEC – Calculate the noise power spectrum of a SCUBA-2 map
SCUBA2_MATCHED_FILTER – Apply a matched filter to input images
SCUBA2_PHOTOM – Perform aperture photometry on SCUBA-2 images
SCUBA2_REGISTER_IMAGES – Register SCUBA-2 images to a common position
SCUBA2_REMOVE_BACKGROUND – Remove a background from SCUBA-2 images
SCUBA2_SASSY – Analyze a single SASSy field
STACK_JCMT_FRAMES – Stack images produced by JCMT instruments into a 3-d cube
UNCALIBRATE_SCUBA2_DATA – Undo the calibration for SCUBA-2 images
UNTRIM_JSA_TILES – Restore JSA tiles to full size