Starlink Documents


SC/2The DX cookbook
SC/3Echelle Data Reduction Cookbook
SC/4C-Shell Cookbook v1.1
SC/5The 2-d CCD Data Reduction Cookbook
SC/6CCD Photometric Calibration Cookbook
SC/7Simple Spectroscopy Reductions
SC/8Specx Cookbook - reduction of millimetre-wave data
SC/9LaTeX Cookbook
SC/10The SCUBA photometry cookbook
SC/11The SCUBA mapping cookbook
SC/12Writing your own data reduction software
SC/13Theory and Modelling Resources Cookbook
SC/14The Fibre Spectroscopy Cookbook
SC/15The Graphics Cookbook
SC/16The IFU Data product cookbook
SC/17The GAIA Cookbook
SC/19The SCUBA-2 SRO data analysis cookbook
SC/20ACSIS Data-reduction Cookbook
SC/21The SCUBA-2 Data-analysis Cookbook
SC/22The POL-2 Data Reduction Cookbook


SG/4ADAM -The Starlink software environment
SG/5ICL - Interactive command language for ADAM
SG/6ADAM - Programmer's facilities & documentation guide
SG/9Introduction to Echelle Spectroscopy

General Papers

SGP/4Starlink C programming standard
SGP/16Starlink application programming standard
SGP/28How to write good documents for Starlink
SGP/38Starlink standard data structures

System Notes

SSN/3ECH - Echelle spectrograph model package
SSN/4EMS - Error message service 1.7: PM
SSN/8Naming conventions for Starlink subroutine libraries
SSN/20Adding Format Conversion Facilities to the NDF Library
SSN/21STARX - X library linking
SSN/22Coordinate systems for pixel arrays
SSN/29PCS - Parameter and communication subsystems
SSN/64ADAM - Organisation of application packages
SSN/68IFD - Interface definition files v1.2
SSN/72SURF programming interface
SSN/75Writing Catalogue and Image servers for GAIA and CURSA
SSN/76CATREMOTE - a tool for querying remote catalogues
SSN/77ADAM - The control subsystem
SSN/78The Starlink Build System
SSN/79Further parallelization of iteratemap with MPI

User Notes

SUN/1Starlink software collection
SUN/5ASTROM - Basic astrometry program
SUN/7GENERIC - Utility for compiling generic subroutines
SUN/11ARY - Subroutines for accessing ARRAY data structures
SUN/15PGPLOT - Graphics subroutine library
SUN/17SPECX - Millimetre wave spectral reduction package
SUN/31REF - Handling references to HDS objects 1.1
SUN/33NDF - Routines for accessing extensible n-D data 1.5
SUN/38DOCFIND - Starlink document index search
SUN/39PRIMDAT - Processing primitive numerical data 1.0, PG
SUN/40CHR - Character handling routines 2.0, PM
SUN/42DAOPHOT - Stellar photometry package V1.2
SUN/45PHOTOM - An aperture photometry package v1.8-3
SUN/48AGI - Applications graphics interface
SUN/50DIPSO - Friendly spectrum analysis program v3.5
SUN/55CONVERT - A format-conversion package 1.2 UM
SUN/56COCO - Conversion of celestial coordinates
SUN/57GNS - Graphics workstation name service
SUN/61TRANSFORM - Coordinate transformation facility
SUN/65IDI - Image display interface, PG
SUN/66TSP - Time series and polarimetry package 2.3
SUN/67SLALIB - Positional astronomy library 2.3-0: PM
SUN/77NBS - Noticeboard system 2.5.5, PM
SUN/78RV - Radial components of observer's velocity
SUN/83GKS - Graphical kernel system
SUN/85SGS - Simple graphics system
SUN/86FIGARO - General data reduction system v5.5-0, UG
SUN/88NCAR - Graphics utilities v1.3 UG
SUN/90SNX - Starlink extensions to NCAR graphics utilities
SUN/92HDS - Hierarchical data system 4.3, PG
SUN/95KAPPA - Kernel application package 0.14-5: UG
SUN/101ADAM - Introduction to programming
SUN/102HDSTRACE - Listing HDS data files v1.2
SUN/104MERS (MSG/ERR) - Message and error reporting 1.6: PM
SUN/109PISA - Position, intensity and shape analysis
SUN/111SPT - Software porting tools
SUN/113ADAM graphics, PG
SUN/114PAR - ADAM parameter system 2.3; PM
SUN/115ADAM - Interface module, RM
SUN/121PSX - POSIX interface routines 0.2, PM
SUN/124HLP - Interactive help system 3.3
SUN/129XDISPLAY - Setting remote X windows v2.1
SUN/130GWM - X graphics window manager
SUN/134ADAM - Guide to writing instrumentation tasks
SUN/137PONGO - Interactive data plotting 2.0
SUN/139CCDPACK - CCD data reduction package v4.0
SUN/143FIO/RIO - Fortran file I/O routines 1.5, PM
SUN/144ADAM - Unix version 4
SUN/146OBSERVE - Check star observability, v2.2: UG
SUN/150GRP - Managing groups of objects v3.0: PM
SUN/152ECHOMOP - Echelle data reduction package v3.3: UM
SUN/160IMG - Simple image data access 1.2
SUN/164PSMERGE - Encapsulated PostScript handling utility
SUN/167PERIOD - A time-series analysis package
SUN/180ESP - Extended surface photometry v0.10: UM
SUN/181CAT - Catalogue and table manipulation library
SUN/183ARD - Language for describing array regions
SUN/185MESSGEN - Starlink facility error message gen 1.1
SUN/186STARTCL - Starlink extensions to TCL and TK v1.2: UG
SUN/188HTX - Hypertext cross-reference utilities 1.2, UM
SUN/190CURSA - Catalogue and table manipulation applications
SUN/191SAE - Starlink applications environment special files
SUN/194PDA - Public domain algorithms library 0.4, PM
SUN/195NEWS - Starlink online information system
SUN/199STAR2HTML - Convert Starlink docs to hypertext 1.4, UM
SUN/202Starlink subroutine libraries: Linking guide
SUN/204POLMAP - Interactive linear spectropolarimetry analysi
SUN/209CNF and F77 Mixed Language Programming v4.0: PM.
SUN/210AST - World Coordinate System library (Fortran)
SUN/211AST - World Coordinate Systems library (C version)
SUN/213FLUXES - JCMT position and flux density calibration
SUN/214GAIA - Graphical astronomy & image analysis tool
SUN/216SURF - SCUBA User Reduction Facility
SUN/219The GWM Xdisplay Widget User's Guide
SUN/223POLPACK - An Imaging Polarimetry reduction package
SUN/224HDSPAR - HDS Parameter routine v1.1 PM
SUN/226EXTRACTOR - An astronomical source detection program
SUN/227CFITSIO - Disk FITS input/output functions
SUN/229The Global Section Datafile (GSD) access library
SUN/230ORAC-DR - Overview and General Introduction
SUN/231ORAC-DR - SCUBA pipeline data reduction
SUN/232ORAC-DR - imaging data reduction v1.0 user's guide
SUN/233ORAC-DR - Programmer's Guide
SUN/234ONE - Odds and Ends library
SUN/236ORAC-DR - spectroscopy data reduction
SUN/237DATACUBE - an IFS datacube manipulation package
SUN/238KAPLIBS - Internal subroutines used within KAPPA
SUN/240FINDCOORDS - finding coordinates of a named object
SUN/241AMS - the Unix ADAM message system
SUN/242Autoastrometry for Mosaics
SUN/245HDSTOOLS - Tools to display and edit HDS objects
SUN/246ORAC-DR - integral field spectroscopy data reduction
SUN/249INT-WFC - Astrometric Calibration for the INT Wide Field Camera
SUN/255CUPID - A Clump Identification and Analysis Package
SUN/257ATL - A library of AST utility routines.
SUN/258SMURF - The Sub-Millimetre User Reduction Facility
SUN/259GSD2ACSIS - Programmer's Guide (SMURF)
SUN/260ORAC-DR - ACSIS pipeline data reduction
SUN/261IRQ - Handling of QUALITY in NDFs
SUN/262CTG - Accessing Groups of Catalogues
SUN/263LPG - Processing in a loop a set of NDFs or catalogues
SUN/264ORAC-DR - SCUBA-2 pipeline data reduction
SUN/265PICARD - analyze and combine reduced data
SUN/266THR - A Thread Management Library
SUN/267PAL - Positional Astronomy Library
SUN/268CVG - A Library of Format Conversion Utility Routines
SUN/269ORAC-DR - Las Cumbres Observatory recipes
SUN/270Starlink Latex Suppport for pdf and html
SUN/271Wesley - Pre-processing mode for ORAC-DR